Working with cookies

Cookies are small data files that are necessary for the proper functioning of the site and which we therefore place on your computer like most websites.

1. _maincw, _mainjs: we use these cookies to determine whether or not your browser supports the storage of cookies and the loading of javascripts. We use it only for the purpose of running the website, so that the visitor browsing the website has the greatest possible comfort. The lifetime of cookies _maincw is 6 months and _mainjs for the duration of the session. If your browser has disabled cookies or does not support them, you will not be able to close the information bar with cookie settings.

If the  _maincw and _mainjs cookies are not stored due to non-support or prohibition of the browser, we will not use any other cookies.

Cookies with consent

These cookies allow us to load third-party files that require cookies to function.

Third party cookies

Most third-party tools use javascript for their functionality. So if you have it disabled or your browser does not support javascript, third-party cookies will not be used.

1. Google analytics (_gat, _gid, _ga): a service from Google that we use to monitor website traffic. If you do not give us your consent, we will not record your visit or store cookies associated with this service.

We use cookies that help us. We will be happy if you agree with them. Detailed information can be found on this page.

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